Water Well Screens manufacturers

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1.About the wedge wire screen tube
The wedge wire screen tube is made by a V or wedge winding cold-rolled wire around an internal array of longitudinal support rods.
2.Widely usage
The wedge wire screen tube can be widely used throughout the world for water,oil, and gas well,and is the dominant screen type used in the water well industry.
It can use with the deep well,geothermal well.also may use in the water-treating equipment,the environmental protection,the sea water transforms into the industrial water and life use water desalination treatment,running water treatment,water softening treatment,the petroleum industry:the petroleum product terminal filters and the chemical acid,the alkali liquid filters,the ethyl alcohol and so on the organic solution recycling filters.
1.Robust construction
The world advanced all-welded technology is used with each intersecting point of these wire fusion welded.
2.Excellent mechanical performance,can bear the large pressure difference
3.V-shaped profile promises higher sand filtering precision and hard to plug
4.All slot is clean and free of burrs and cutting
5.The slot size can be changed as clients鈥?need.
4.Technical data
Slot size(mm):0.1,0.15,0.2,0.25,0.3-3 or upon to clients鈥?need
Material:Low carbon,Low carbon Galvanized steel,Stainless steel
Open area:up to 60%
Length:up to 6m
Diameter: from 89mm to 1200mm
End connection:Pain beveled ends,welding rings,flanges or threaded
5.Package: Single with bubble bag and then in wooden case(fumigation certificate)
6.Delivery time: 15 days after receiving your total payment or depends on the quantity.Water Well Screens manufacturers


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